Wellness Wednesday - Holiday Charity

Recently, I came across a quote that I found to be particularly relevant during this time of year. The quote, spoken by Mother Teresa, said “we shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.” The idea of doing something simple to improve the lives of others fits in perfectly with the values of the holiday season. We all want to be charitable people, but sometimes, our busy schedules or tight budgets get in the way. Here are some simple ways to give without sacrificing this winter:

⭐️Spontaneous Acts of Kindness - Community service can fit into your routine, rather than the other way around! Try “paying it forward” the next time you are at a coffee shop or café. If you have some extra change burning a hole in your pocket, take the opportunity to help someone out. Maybe you will inspire a stranger to “pay it forward” next time!

⭐️Make A Donation - “Anything helps” is a cliché because it is TRUE! No matter how little you have to spare, giving any amount of money to a charity you believe in will help you get involved in making change. Thanks to the Internet, it is faster and easier to make donations than ever before!

⭐️Bring Cookies to a Nursing Home - Being charitable doesn’t have to take a lot of money or time! Distribute sweet treats and get to know nursing home residents this winter. Many of these people are not fortunate enough to have friends and family who will visit during the holidays, and you are sure to bring a lot of joy into their lives!

By: Jessica Hutt

Instagram: @Jessica.Hutt