Therapy Thursday - Social Media


One of the greatest benefits of living in the age of social media is having access to other peoples’ experiences. While some social media influencers have been criticized for promoting unattainably perfect lifestyles, others are refreshingly honest, and candidly share their messy, flawed truths with the world. One such truth is the positive influence that going to therapy has had upon their lives. These people have realized that therapy is just another form of self-care, like a workout or a massage. Going to therapy has allowed them to process their thoughts, prioritize their wellness, and help them feel better and more productive. This week for Therapy Thursday, we are going to shout out three amazing social media influencers who have spoken candidly on how therapy has helped them become their best selves:

Nicole Modic (@kalejunkie) - Nicole Modic is a wellness blogger and recovered bulimic. In a blog post entitled “How I Healed My Eating Disorder, Part 2”, Modic writes “Find a therapist, or at the very least, someone who is NOT a family member or friend, that you can talk to, 1-2x each week. Consider these non-negotiable meetings that take priority over everything else you’ve got going on in your busy life.” She speaks openly about finding the right therapist, suppressing the urge to cancel standing appointments, and the challenge of being vulnerable in front of a stranger.



Carolyn Brown (@carolynbrownnutrition) - In a recent Instagram post, New York City-based nutritionist Carolyn Brown, RD told followers that therapy is “pretty much my favorite hour of the week.” She also debunked the myth that things have to be wrong for one to go to therapy, writing “I don’t go to a therapist cuz I’m crazy (mostly), I go so I DON’T feel crazy”. Check out the post here:

Chris Sol (@secretsofsunshine) - The lifestyle blogger behind the Instagram account @secretsofsunshine shares how she finally found her way to therapy in this post: In it, she writes “Being raised in an emotionally and verbally abusive environment, there was lots of distorted layers of beliefs that needed to be explored and dismantled. I refused to even entertain the idea. Shrinks are for crazy people who don’t have control… but let me just tell you, that is SO FALSE. Everyone needs a therapist, life is hard and sometimes it’s nice to not have to put on a brave face and a fake smile”. She couldn’t be more right, therapy is a great tool for any and every body! Read the blog post in full here:

Going to therapy is an act of self-care that nourishes your emotional and spiritual needs. Don’t get caught up in a baseless stigma that will hold you back. Talking to a therapist has changed all of these people for the better, and could help you too.

By: Jessica Hutt

Instagram: @jessica.hutt