Wellness Wednesday - 10x10 Challenge

Physical health is a vital part of wellness, and is essential to mental well-being. However, fitting workouts into a busy routine can be difficult. Instead of completely neglecting your physical health, try our 10 Minutes for 10 Days Challenge. Everyone has an extra ten minutes. What’s your excuse?


Day One: Try a ten minute run. Running is a great exercise for this challenge because you can do it anytime and anywhere. Motivate yourself by wearing something you feel confident in!

Day Two: Let’s ramp things up today! Try the following regimen:

50 High Knees

25 Lunges

20 In & Out Squat Jumps

15 Burpees

Day Three: After two days of challenging workouts, you must be sore. Try yoga & stretching today to recover. Here is a great video for full body stretch yoga: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SZ2xVnbcxY

Day Four: It’s day four, and we’re back at it! Today, try the following lineup:

20 Squats

30 Bicycles

30 Plank Dips

20 Side Leg Raises

Day Five: Get your jam on and try a fun cardio workout today! This dance workout from Popsugar is amazing and will definitely have you sweating: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rj2IubFfEqY

Day Six: You know what day six means? It’s pilates day! This workout is amazing because it is both relaxing and makes you feel strong. Enjoy Dreamingreen’s pilates routine for a stronger body today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6A98Glp5DuY

Day Seven: You’re almost there! Today, your goal is to complete:

30 Lunges

25 Leg Presses

20 Crunches

15 Squats

Day Eight: You’re doing great - keep it up! Today, your challenge is to go on a run. If you have extra time, try to do 35 sit ups. You got this!

Day Nine: You’ve trained hard over the past few days. Today should be full of well-deserved rest and recovery. If you feel up to it, try some stretching and yoga. You can refer back to the video from day three if you would like.

Day Ten: You made it! Let’s make the last day the best. Start the day off with twenty five push ups, then go into thirty five sit ups. Rest and rehydrate before completing thirty lunges and fifteen leg lifts.

Congratulations! You made it through. I am so proud of your strength and persistence. I hope you can integrate some of these habits in your routine, and that this challenge has proven to you that everyone has time to work out.

By: Jessica Hutt

Instagram: @jessica.hutt