Motivation Monday - Birthday Reflections!

Hello all, and happy Motivation Monday! Today is my seventeenth birthday, and this occasion has provoked me to reflect on the passage of time and what I hope to achieve in the next chapter of my life. To me, birthdays are a time to celebrate a year’s worth of lessons learned, goals achieved, and cherished memories made. They are also a time to prepare for the next 365 days of laughter, mistakes, experiences, and challenges to come. Today, I invite you to think back over your the past year with me. What were the highest points for you, and the most devastating lows? How did you overcome adversity and demonstrate resilience? What have you spent your time doing, and was it beneficial for you? What have you learned? Are you living life to the fullest? Are you excited or wearied by the prospect of a year to come? Are you the healthiest, most positive, and best version of yourself?

This week, I challenge you to identify a problem in your life and take the initiative to change it. Use this week as a fresh beginning and implement early New Year’s resolutions! The problem can be as big or small as you want it to be. For instance, I often struggle with procrastination, and have decided to implement the one-minute rule this week. This rule states that anything that takes sixty seconds or less should be done right away. I hope that this will increase my productivity and simplify my life! If you struggle with excessive stress, try to abide by the 5 by 5 rule this week! This rule states that if something will not matter in five years, one should not spend more than five minutes being stressed about it. I hope that you take this challenge to heart and are motivated to make small changes this week that will lead to a better lifestyle! This Motivation Monday, look forward to a week full of warmth, family, and love. I hope you are all having an excellent start to Thanksgiving week

By: Jessica Hutt

Instagram: Jessica.hutt

Twitter: Jessicahutt3