Announcing New Awesome Weekly Content for the Blog!!

Hello, everyone! My name is Jessica Hutt, and I am the new content creator for  Tangible Movements blog. I am so excited to join the team and provide posts for you all!

I am a sixteen-year-old writer based in New Jersey, and have partnered with Tangible Movement to help provide aid to young adults struggling with substance abuse, depression, identity issues, and more. Tangible Movement is an incredible non-profit organization that I encourage each reader to get involved with if possible. Please make sure to keep an eye on the blog, as I will be pumping out a bunch of exciting, fun, and motivational pieces for you all in the near future!

I would now like to introduce the new format of the blog. I have created five daily themes to help keep you inspired and on-track. These are:






Motivation Monday posts are designed to keep you on the grind through the toughest of Monday moods. You can expect to see a burst of positivity and encouragement on the Tangible Movement blog every Monday!

insta: @jessica.hutt

twitter: @jessicahutt3