Tip Tuesday - Mantras to Calm Anxiety

Last week, for the first Tip Tuesday, I compiled a list of ways to combat stress. This post was intended to educate readers on how to relieve the symptoms of a short-term, flight-or-fight reaction caused by day-to-day complications. This Tuesday, I would like to create a list of mantras that help to calm anxiety. The difference between stress and anxiety is that stress is a short term reaction to a trigger, while anxiety is a sustained mental health disorder. Both of these conditions affect mental and physical well-being, and it is essential to begin the trial-and-error process of building your stress-reduction skills as soon as possible. It is vital to understand your stress, because letting it go unmanaged can lead to long-term problems, such as depression or anxiety. It should go without saying that these mantras are not intended to cure anxiety, and that those who are struggling should immediately reach out for help. If you are in need of support, please text “HOME” to 741-741 to talk to a crisis counselor, or find a therapist near you through the American Association of Anxiety and Depression’s website (https://members.adaa.org/page/FATMain).

One of the best ways to calm an oncoming anxiety attack is to think of a phrase that rings true to you. Doing so will help keep you in a calm state of mind, and keep you focused on the values that are important to you. For some, repeating this mantra over and over again out loud is beneficial. Some helpful mantras are:

  1. “If I can get through this 10 seconds, I can get through the next 10 seconds.” (FUN FACT: this mantra comes from Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!)

  2. “Do not go in your mind where your body is not.” (This mantra calms anxiety by reminding chronic worriers that they are not yet in the situation that is distressing them, and that the only thing that worrying will do is make them miserable.)

  3. “Look at how far I have come.” (This phrase helps encourage one to keep moving forth on their journey by reminding them of their accomplishments rather than their minor setbacks.)

  4. I am breathing in, I am breathing out.” (This mantra helps focus one on their breathing, which has a calming effect. It also helps keep one grounded by reminding them that they are constantly keeping themselves alive.)

  5. “I am enough.” (Many people with anxiety are constantly plagued by a fear of beings  unworthy. This mantra helps one remember that they do not need to achieve great things to be “enough”, rather, they are sufficient just as they are.)

I hope that these mantras will help keep you calm in stressful situations. If none of these work for you, find your own! Having mantras on-hand might prove valuable one day. Thank you for reading!

By: Jessica Hutt

Insta: @jessica.hutt

Twitter: @jessicahutt3