Sept 1st 2016 Fundraising and Financial update

 NOTE: Torri and Jennifer have invested 100% out of their own personal pocket to cover TM start up expenses (expenses include: legal fees, accounting fees, website, t-shirts, filing fees, travel expenses, application fees for non-profit status, office expenses and branding. )

 TM was founded December 2015 and officially launched and open for donations on August 8th, 2016. All money received has been as of August 8 2016. 

Amount of funds raised, as of Sept 1 2016.  

Gofundme - $6,500  

Melbourne fundraising event - $5,250. 

Expenses paid out of TM account: $0  

Donations : $0  

Total amount of funds - $11,750.  

We operate with 100% transparency. If you have any questions please e-mail .  We will continue to post here on the blog when we do make a disbursement.